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The Mettam Difference

We Provide a range of exhaust services


When you come to our Mettam's Mufflers Specialists you will recieve what we call "The Mettam Difference".
The Mettam Difference Revolves around our ability to consistently provide you with the best quality service at no extra cost.

How Can Mettams do this?

At Mettam's Mufflers we offer the best possible service for the best possible price.
What we do offer, that is different?

We are professional exhaust and muffler fitters
Competitive pricing
We fit the best
Onsite exhaust fabrication ability
We pride ourselves on our workmanship

Perth Mettams Vehicle Solutions and Exhaust Repairs & Replacements

It all begins with a free inspection and quote. Once we have identified the problem we can complete most exhaust and muffler repairs in around 20 minutes to get you back on the road quicker!

Why should you come to Mettam's for your car exhaust repairs:

  • You'll get a free inspection and quote.
  • Most exhaust repairs and replacements completed in around 20 minutes.
  • At Mettam's Mufflers, it's less expensive than you think.
  • Quality products, quality parts, quality fitting - guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Largest range of exhaust and muffler parts, lowest price in Perth.

So why has your Exhaust system failed?

The most common reason for any exhaust system to breakdown is general wear and tear. Over the years your exhaust system has been subjected to extreme temperatures and poisonous gases which over time have broken down parts of your exhaust system. Most of the time you simply need to replace a muffler or tailpipe but sometimes the damage can extend right the way through the exhaust system.

We are here to help!

Above anything else we want to give you the best advice so that you can make the right decision. Always feel free to contact Mettam's Mufflers via email or directly at one of our 2 stores in Perth with any and all your enquires.

Performance Exhaust Systems Perth

Are you looking to improve your cars power, performance and fuel economy? Do want to enhance the sound of your exhaust system?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider replacing your standard system with a new free flowing system.

The Exhaust System

Standard exhaust systems are often very restrictive. By freeing up your exhaust system there is less back pressure on the engine resulting in better efficiency and an overall improvement in the performance of your car.

Other Products & Accessories

Performance exhaust systemWe have a large array of different products and accessories designed to gain more performance out of your car.

More than anything we are here to help you with the advice you need to make an informed decision. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us via email or directly at one of our four Perth locations.

Are you getting ripped off on exhaust parts?

Why Should you use Mettam's:

  • Get the parts you need supplied at the price you want!
  • We can easily complete any repairs or replacements you require.
  • You will get a 2 year guarantee on all our workmanship and parts.
  • You will get the parts you want delivered when you need them.
  • You will always get friendly expert advice, exhaust tips and a great price.

What products can we offer you?

Bolt-on Systems, Mufflers, Mandrel bends & exhaust tubing, Extractors, Studs & Nuts, Gaskets, rubbers and brackets, Heavy duty Mufflers, Catalytic Converters, Chrome/Stainless Steel tips ,Turbo Accessories, Expert Fitting Available, Prompt Delivery. Major brands and quality products.

Our products, service and prices are amongst the best in Australia!

Our History

How Did we begin?

Formerly Quickfit Exhaust Centres, Mettams Vehicle Solutions is Western Australia's largest independent exhaust company. Founded by Julian Mettam in 1983, Mettams Vehicle Solutions began as a two man exhaust shop in Midland. Who we are today.

Over the years Mettams Vehicle Solutions built up a reputation as being masters in the art of exhaust fitting and now boasts 2 stores across Perth.

When you purchase from Mettams Vehicle Solutions you'll get professional exhaust fitting and top quality exhaust components every time.

"I personally stand by every muffler I sell. Your muffler will be fitted to the highest industry standards."

- Julian Mettam, Proprietor

Midvale Store

367 Great Eastern Highway Midvale - (Midland)

Phone: 9274 5066

Morley Store

21 Rudloc Rd Morley

Phone: 9275 7034

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